I made my Iced Rings Quilt about 2 years ago and I loved it. Then I quilted it and didn’t love it so much. I knew as I was machine quilting it that I didn’t like it, but still I persisted! I did a small amount of hand quilting, which I did like, but I knew it was nowhere near enough, so all in all I was a bit MEH about it.

So, during lockdown, with let’s be honest, a shit load of time on my hands I decided to revisit this quilt and completely change the quilting. I unpicked all the machine quilting and decided to go hard or go home with the hand quilting, thanks to Covid I was already home, so decided to go hard instead.

Below are some before, during and after photos of this quilt and it’s transformation, the heavy hand quilting has added so much texture and now I love it again!